Neuropsychotherapy is a type of psychotherapy that integrates a variety of applications and treatments with neuroscientific knowledge. It uses evidence based neuroscience and neuropsychology to treat cognitive and emotional empairments. The neuropsychotherapist is educated in mind-body interactions and trained to carry out therapeutic assessments and interventions with this knowledge. At Resilia, we blend knowledge of the brain into traditional talk therapy and combine this with one or more of the bio/neurotherapy interventions listed below. Through neuropsychotherapy we are better able to teach mind-body awareness, enhance self-regulation and bring about desired changes. The conditions we address are listed in the box below. We work primarily with individuals 12 years old and up.

Conditions Addressed:

Anxiety (Panic,Phobia, OCD)
Post Traumatic Stress
Sleep Challenges
Stress Reduction

What are the Bio/Neurotherapies Utilized?

Cranial Electrical Stimulation
Audio Visual Entrainment

Steps for Obtaining Services:

  1. Schedule an initial assessment visit. This visit last 1.5 hours.
  2. Download / print and complete the forms on the "Forms" link page. Bring the completed forms with you to the first visit.
  3. Intervention Sessions - 1-2 sessions a week lasting approximately 1 hour for an agreed / understood period of time.

Insurance reimbursement is often available.