Fundamentals of Meditation

This class meets weekly for seven weeks. The duration of each class is one hour.

The class is targeted to individuals who would like to learn how to meditate and perhaps have struggled with the techniques.

The class begins with the premise that we are all different, with unique personalities and that there are many different ways to meditate and relax...we just need to find what fits us.

During the seven weeks we explore and practice key foundational components of meditation and then explore and practice the many creative ways to meditate. The student is offered a “sample platter” of different meditation techniques and encouraged to question which technique works for them. By the end of the seven weeks, the student will be able to identify their personal meditation style.


By the end of the seven weeks, students will be able to:

  • Explain the key benefits of meditation.
  • Demonstrate the foundational aspects for practicing meditation. (time of day, comfort, etc.).
    • Proper Stretching techniques
    • Proper posture and sitting
    • Proper breathing techniques
    • Setting the Environment
    • When to meditate
  • Demonstrate key breathing exercises that assist in eliciting the relaxation response.
  • Demonstrate different techniques for centering the mind.
  • Understand and demonstrate three different styles of meditation: Concentration Meditation, Mindfulness, and Prayer Centered Meditation.
  • Identify and demonstrate the meditation style that suits and works for them.

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