Caribbia ~ A Variety of Caribbian Dances

Salsa Suelta

Salsa Suelta is a relatively new style of non-partnered Salsa. It is a very popular dance that is that is promoted by the Youth in the Caribbean. The Salsa Suelta steps and movements are fun, imaginative and easy to learn!

Traditional Afro-Cuban Rumba

This type of Rumba is much different than the popular ballroom Rumba. Traditional Afro-Cuban Rumba is a partner dance that with roots in West-African Rumba. The dance is easy to learn and tastefully sensual.

Afro-Cuban Folkloric

Afro-Cuban Folkloric dances originated when the people of West Africa were brought to Cuba for slave labor. At this time the the cultures of West Africa and Spain mixed and from this blending the Cuban dance culture emerged. Students will learn basic female Afro-Cuban folkloric dance steps. (There are male folkloric steps, but these steps are currently not being taught by Resilia).


Any of the above Caribbean dances are appropriate for many types of dancers and enthusiasts, such as:

  • Individuals who are seeking self enjoyment or enrichment, and/or health improvement through dance.
  • Individuals wanting to learn a new type of non- partner dance. Learn the steps for your next party or event!
  • Dance performers who desire to learn the foundational movements and steps of the Caribbean dances so as to incorporate them into their personal dance choreographies.

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