Yogabaladi - Re-Uniting the Disciplines of Belly Dance and Yoga Movement

What is YogaBaladi?

YogaBaladi is a health movement exercise comprised of the sequencing of yoga asanas (poses) while incorporating the discipline and concepts of Middle Eastern movement. By blending and practicing these two ancient healing techniques you are able to create a synergy that has profound health benefits. The yoga asanas provide balance, strength, and flexibility while the Middle Eastern movements activate the core energy centers of the body and loosens the joints, muscles and skeletal system.

YogaBaladi uses a rhythm-based process to influence the energy centers of the body to create greater range of motion, fluidity and freedom of expression not typically found in yoga classes. The overall outcome is an active meditative coordination of movement, rhythm, breath and intention.

YogaBaladi is offered at three different levels: Level One (Beginning); Level Two (Intermediate); and Level Three (Advance). Each Level runs for a series of nine classes. YogaBaladi Level One class is appropriate for both men and women of all sizes and fitness levels who are age twelve years and older.


  • Create a healthy body through easy and natural movements
  • Balance the mind through meditation movement
  • Create strength and ease of movement in the spine and joints
  • Loosen pelvic and abdominal muscles
  • Develop balance and flexibility
  • Increase vitality and radiance

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