Resilia ~ CapnoTrainer®

The CapnoTrainer® is manufactured by Better Physiology, Ltd., with main offices in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The instrument was developed by Better Physiology during 2000 and 2001, and is now being used in more than 40 different countries worldwide and by professionals in diverse setting ranging from police departments to hospitals. Ivette Bledsoe/RESILIA is an authorized affiliate and representative of Better Physiology, Ltd.

The CapnoTrainer® is a combination hardware-software system for "live" displaying and recording of exhaled partial pressure carbon dioxide (PCO2) and heart rate variability (HRV) data for evaluating and teaching breathing behavior.


  • Pinpoint optimal breathing mechanics for acid-base balance.
  • Discover the triggers for good and bad breathing patterns.
  • See how thoughts, moods, and emotions are changed by breathing.
  • Learn how mental and physical performance is altered by breathing.
  • Evaluate the effects of breathing on learning, memory, and attention.
  • See how breathing behavior and defensiveness may be related.
  • Examine how pain, injury, discomfort, and breathing may be linked.
  • Discover how breathing may be mediating unexplained symptoms.
  • Test for anaerobic threshold during fitness training by monitoring CO2.
  • Use breathing as a way of exploring awareness and consciousness.
  • Learn what good and bad breathing behaviors feel like.
  • Help people overcome their fears about breathing.
  • Teach embracement through breathing and heart variability training.
  • Learn to breathe intuitively, inside-out, rather than prescriptively, outside-in.


If you are an educator, trainer, coach, or therapist, the CapnoTrainer® can serves as an important adjunctive tool for post traumatic stress, anxiety management, peak performance training, relaxation training, attention training, alertness training, meditation, patient education, stress management, childbirth training, motivational training, public speaking, learning enhancement, anger management, mastering performance challenges (e.g., in aviation), athletic training, and breathing training of all kinds.


The CapnoTrainer is an educational instrument designed for enhancing performance through learning and teaching good breathing behavior. It is not intended for medical diagnosis or treatment.


Accuracy: +/- 2% of reading or +/- 2 mmHg, whichever is greater Size: 5" X 3.75" X 1.5."
Weight: 7 oz.
Color: bone white.
Power source: USB connector.
Range: 0-60 mmHg or 0-8% CO2.
CO2 response time: 500 msec.
Heart rate: plethysmograph ear sensor, beat to beat calculations.
Standard warranty: one year, parts and labor.
CO2 Calibration: send to BP Calibration Center


The Software runs on PC computers and operates within Windows 98 (second edition), Millennium, 2000, NT, XP, Vista and Seven environments.

  • Signals displayed alone and in multiple combinations
  • Signals displayed in multiple graphic formats
  • Live history screens, showing whole or part of session
  • Evaluation, training, and observational screens
  • Multi-graph and multi-signal data review screens
  • Zoom function, select graph & signal
  • Gain & Auto-gain *Signal offset & Auto-center
  • Screen sweep time, slower/faster
  • Freeze screen immediately
  • Pause screen, end of sweep
  • Refresh screen
  • Signal hiding
  • Averaging function
  • Set signal threshold & auto-threshold
  • Audio feedback for signal changes (options menu)
  • Event marker, draws line and records note
  • Select predefined task periods, e.g., baseline
  • Data recording on/off, pause, and erase
  • Print screen options, live or recorded data screens
  • Save "screen feature" adjustments to trainee name
  • Save sessions to "trainee" files/names
  • Select from among easy to use graphical data reports
  • Review recorded data in "tape recorder" fashion
  • Review, format, and save graphical reports as desired
  • Digital cursor for numerical readout on graphs
  • Generate automatic Quick reports and Excel reports
  • Select predefined evaluation and training schedules
  • Define your own automated task schedules
  • Use built-in breathing questionnaire form
  • View HELP windows for education and teaching
  • Read detailed INFO HELP screens for each screen display


CapnoTrainer: $3,300US

Starter Kit: $200.00
Includes Starter Kit and basic training program (DVD tutorial, 100 nasal cannulas, 17 filters, CD with forms & articles) and two, one-hour mentoring sessions with Ivette Bledsoe, LCSW, BCB, BCN.

Multi User Software Application: $600.00
Operate 8 CapnoTrainers (Version M only) simultaneously on a single computer.

Extended Warranty: $400.00
Replaces standard one year warranty for 2 years: defects, accidental damage or misuse.

Four Day Live Webinar: $500.00


Nasal Cannulas (20): $29.00
Nasal Cannulas (100): $100.00
Filters (12): $48.00
Zero Calibrator: $15.00
Sampling hose: $12.00
PPG (HRV) sensor: $95.00


Call Ivette Bledsoe at Better Physiology, Ltd, for placing an order
Tel: 1 505.819.0897